• SnoreHookPRO: Laboratory fabricated SnoreHook devices, x2.

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    1. Proceed though the ordering process by clicking on Add to Cart above (with a Quantity of 1), then complete the order.  (You will be providing your shipping address in step 3).  You will receive a confirmation email that includes your ORDER NUMBER (Five digits, beginning with 3)

    2. Scan your patient's arches.  Include beyond the gingival margins as best as possible; OR, take upper and lower full-arch silicone impressions.

    3. MEDIT LINK users: Partner with us, "SnoreHookLAB", SnoreHook@gmail.com. Transfer your scans and provide your order number and shipping address (and patient's name if desired)


    3. Go to WeTransfer.com to UPLOAD the maxillary and mandibular scanned .STL files to be emailed to SnoreHook@gmail.com.  In the TITLE field, enter your ORDER NUMBER.  Provide your shipping address  in the MESSAGE field. (and your patient's name, which can be imprinted on the splint); OR send the impressions to: SnoreHookLAB, P.O. Box 66009, St Pete Beach, FL, 33706

    4.  SnoreHookLAB will 3D print TWO sets of SnoreHookPRO devices, and ship them back to the shipping address you provided in Step 3.  Lab turnaround time is 1-2 days.

    5. The SnoreHookPRO splints have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

    6. Please indicate if you would like the Security Bar included in the design (a PDAC requisite).

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