TMD Therapy: An Insider's Guide to Parafunction

James P. Boyd, DDS, presents "TMD Therapy: An Insider's Guide to Parafunction" at the 2015 annual Townie Meeting in Las Vegas.  (The entire lecture is below, broken down into 21 consecutive segments)

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Introduction:  The TMDiVinci Code

1 Trigeminal Motor Innervation

2 Occluding Scheme not occlusion 3 Lateral Pterygoid producing Joint Strain Load 4 Canine purpose 5 Diagnosis definition and perspectives 6 Bruxism diagnosis insight 7 Purposeful function 8 PurposeLESS function 9 Parafunctional Occluding Schemes 10 Splint design evolves to NTI 11 Misconception of Condylar distalization 12 Optimizing splint and NTI therapy 13 CRITICISM long term survey 14 NTI fabrication insights 15 Load Testing errors 16 Principles Parafunctional Control 17 Chairside NTI fabrication 18 Waking headache studies 19 Two questions for morning headache sufferers 20 Keller NTIplus examples 21 BRUXISM continuum treatment

TMD to Migraine: The Bruxism Continuum 

Dr. Boyd interviewed by Howard Farran on DentalTown podcast: