NEW!: SnoreHook:Morpheus: Laboratory fabricated device


The SnoreHook:Morpheus is a new laboratory fabricated device FDA cleared for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea that has been approved by PDAC / Medicare E0486 and HCPCS code K1027. 

Download the Rx form here.

Industry Leading Features:

  • Lifetime warranty.  Our policy:  If it breaks or fails, we replace it. 
  • Hooking Mechanism made from surgical steel created with metal injection moulding technology.
  • 3D printed splint material using "SnoreFlex": hot water makes it resilient, allowing effortless delivery with secure and comfortable fit.
  • Can be ordered with a 1.5mm internal thermocryl lining.
  • 5-day (or less) laboratory turnaround.  Appliance delivery within 10 business days from our receipt of your: scans; physical silicone impressions or poured models (in the absence of shipping delay beyond our control).  We are a boutique lab, exclusively providing the SnoreHook:Morpheus
  • An improvement to the TAP-3 a fraction of the price. 

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