REPAIRS (or, My Dog Ate My Device!)

The nature of the Thermo-Acrylic-Beads not only allows for ease of adjustments and modifications, it also allow for repairs in many circumstances. 

In this example, the distal ends of the upper device beyond the polycarbonate tray were chewed on by the family dog (he had just gotten started):


Using a soft toothbrush and a 25% bleach solution, wash the device thoroughly.  Submerge the chewed portions into just-boiled water until the TAB material resoftens and becomes clear (the patient must elect whether or not they will accept the device following washing and submerging into boiled water...)

...then reshape the softened potions so that the device can be replaced onto the patient's models (or directly onto their teeth if models are not available):

In this example, the device was delivered directly onto the patient's teeth, and the softened material was adapted in a fashion similar to the initial fabrication:


Thank you to Steve Dogs who was caught in the act of providing an authenticly-chewed device: