SnoreHook Splint: 20-minute fabrication for a titratable device for snoring and OSA

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Ideal as a Trial Device while suitable for long term use!

The SnoreHook Splint (U.S. Patent Pending) customizable trays combined with the titratable, mandibular-advancing stainless steel hooking mechanism is FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and as now approved for Medicare insurance code E0486.

  • Has a mechanism that is hinged or jointed at the sides, front or palate;
  • Has a mechanism that allow the mandible to be advanced;
  • Is able to protrude the mandible beyond the front teeth at maximum protrusion;
  • Is adjustable by the beneficiary by increments of one millimeter or less;
  • Retains its adjustment setting when removed.

However, unlike all other snoring/apnea devices that qualify for E0486, the SnoreHook Splint protocol can be easily fabricated on patient's models in-office in less than 20 minutes at a fraction of the typical lab fees (for as little as $68 per SnoreHook Splint set when ordering 15 sets).  

Use your Free Sample to make one on yourself!

Real time fabrication tutorial video: 

Speeded up video (without subtitles and insights):


Each SnoreHook Splint protocol set includes:

  • Mandibular advancing hooking mechanism, screw adjustable in 1mm increments
  • CrossPlate, which opposes the maxillary hook;
  • Pre-engineered maxillary and mandibular width-adjustable polycarbonate trays that the Hooking Mechanism and CrossPlate fit into  (U.S. Patent Pending);
  • Hexagonal adjusting key, to advance the Hook;
  • Security Bar (to prevent dislodegement during use)
  • Ample supply of thermo-acrylic beads to fabricate the devices on dental models.


How to relieve a tight/binding fit;  Lower device insertion/removal

*Lifetime Warranty:  If any component of the SnoreHook Splint fails or is damaged, or even if the patient elects not to use the final appliance, return the components and receive replacement components at no charge. (see the FAQs for details).