NTI with Orthodontic Brackets

Example patient has chronic headaches, anterior edge-to-edge bite.  Cotton rolls establish eventual posterior freeway space.  Labial wall of Lower Device removed to avoid brackets.  Practitioner is holding device to confirm eventual incisal contact.  Patient biting on Lower Device filled with heated ThermoPlasticBead material.  If there had been incisal overlap to begin with, the cotton rolls would not have been necessary, as the Lower Device's DE would've created adequate freeway space.

Device has been removed, placed in cold water to allow TPB to harden, and reseated.   Typically (as was the case here), retention is inadequate.To obtain better retention, the distal ends of the device were dipped in hot water.  The TPB material then gets "sticky", allowing additional pre-heated TPB material to be added directly to the existing material.

Final delivery in place.  Lingual side of finished device.  Device can be immersed in hot water for 4 or 5 seconds to slightly soften the internal interface, and re-adatped multiple times! (as the teeth move to new positions)