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Email:   This goes directly to Dr. Boyd.  If you'd like to speak with Dr. Boyd, please provide your phone number and the best time to receive a call.

Voicemail:  1-877-4-NTI-TSS  (877-468-4877) and leave a voice message.  Your message is automatically transcribed and sent to us in an email.  We will reply that day, or when ever you indicate.

FAX #:  (772) 365-7782   

About Us

Originally cleared by the FDA in 2000, the NTI devices and therapeutic protocol were developed by James P. Boyd, DDS.  NTI devices are marketed worldwide through  by Boyd Research, Inc. 

Dentists who would like to discuss and interact with Dr. Boyd and other NTI providers are encouraged to log on to DentalTown and participate in the TMD & Occlusion discussions on the Message Boards.