SnoreHook modification for Class II occlusion

The default jaw relationship created by the delivered SnoreHook Splints is incisor edge-to-edge in the typical Class I occlusion to minor Class II occlusions. 

When the patient's occlusion is more than a minor Class II, the CrossPlate of the lower tray will seem to be positioned "too far back", making it difficult (or impossible) for the maxillary Hook to engage the mandibular CrossPlate when the patient is protruded to their incisor edge-to-edge position.

To remedy, the CrossPlate can be positioned more anteriorly on the tray prior to its being relined with thermoplastic, thereby accommodating for up to 4mm in additional incisal overjet. 

Images below:

Left:  CrossPlate secured in "normal" position prior to direct reline.

Right: CrossPlate secured more anteriorly, with anterior edge of CrossPlate aligning with anterior border of mandibular tray. 

Exterior view:

Interior view: is happy to provide additional trays to the practitioner to re-fabricate the device for the Class II patient.