• Auxiliary Slider, (original "Daytime" NTI device)

  • $150.00

  • Description

    CLICK HERE to review Auxiliary "Opposing Slider" Protocol.

    6 "Daytime" devices (auxiliary sliders); 5 glow-in-the-dark patient's device holders, ample supply of ThermoPlasticBeads.

    When lined with a clear orthodontic cold-cure acrylic, the Daytime Device can be used at habit-breaking device for daytime use.  In patients with a deep overbite (thereby with less probability of protrusive parafunction beyond incisal edge-to-edge), this device can also be used during sleep.

    **Also considered an "Auxiliary Slider", it can be modified to be delivered as an opposing device to any of the of the other NTI devices, or most ideally,  two Auxiliary Sliders opposing each other (CLICK HERE).   Due to it's extremely low profile, the Auxiliary Slider should not be automatically considered as an individual nocturnal therapeutic device, except for daytime use.

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