NTI InstaSplint: The only temporary therapeutic splint that is clinically proven and published

  • FDA cleared for Migraine Prevention. (BMC Neurology: Adjunctive treatment of chronic migraine using an oral dental device: overview and results of a randomized placebo-controlled crossover study)
  • "Point stop" design prevents both canine/posterior tooth clenching (see below regarding anterior-bite-planes)
  • A temporary splint to quickly and easily provide quality patient care.
  • FABRICATION:  Insert the trays into the Delivery Assistant (DA); load the trays with either the thermoplastic liners (protocol in video below) or silicone impression putty; bite into both trays simultaneously (similar to an anterior triple-tray).  The DA will have ensured posterior freeway space between the trays.
  • PDF fabrication instructions

    Midline Anterior Point Stop minimizes clenching intensity and eliminates resistance to excursive movements. 

    NTI InstaSplint

    The "Delivery Assistant" (DA) aligns the Upper and Lower Trays and ensures freeway space between the two trays. 


    The DA has provided posterior freeway space in all excursions, eliminating posterior and canine contacting. (shown here using silicone putty as the lining material) 


  • Silicone impression putty can be substituted as the internal lining material.  To obtain retention of the putty within the trays, pre-drill a few through-holes in the vertical walls of the trays.

    The NTI InstaSplint is an AMPSA (Anterior Midline Point Stop Appliance), not to be confused with an Anterior Bite Plane, which provides a surface for the canine teeth clench on.  Patients who do so may continue to have considerable symptoms, or develop new symptoms, causing the practitioner to mistakenly rule-out parafunction as part of the diagnosis.