Essential How-to Demo's

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ThermoPlasticBeads:  Basic use and device delivery protocol.

NTI 2.0 typical fabrication and delivery protocol.

BruxSplint : typical fabrication and delivery options.


ESSENTIAL chairside demo of typical delivery (of a Lower NTI "Incisal Guidance" device):


NTI delivery start-to-finish.  Dr. Pav Khaira of the UK demonstrates a typical delivery of an NTI device, emphasizing critical concepts to best ensure success.


 BruxSplint: Single tray modification and delivery


BruxSplint: adapting ThermoPlastic to the upper tray:


BruxSplint: adapting ThermoPlastic Flat Plane:



Opposing BruxSplint Trays:  chairside protocol


Opposing BruxSplint Trays: for ultimate management of asymptomatic Bruxism