• NTI Trial/Mini Kit

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  • Description

    The NTI Trial / Mini Kit contains:

    --2 Lower "Incisal Guidance" devices;

    --2 Upper "Reduced Vertical" devices (the original "Standard" device has a Discluding Element that typically allows too much Vertical Dimension when not purposely reduced by the practitioner);  

    --2 Auxiliary Sliders (ideal to place on the incisors that oppose the NTI device); 

    --11 glow-in-the-dark box device holders (it's just cool to have some extras); 

    -- ample supply of ThermoPlasticBeads. 


    Dr. Boyd highly recommends using one of the Auxiliary Sliders simultaneously to oppose the NTI device (the most common is to use a Lower "Incisal Guidance" device with an opposing Auxiliary Slider on the upper incisors).  CLICK HERE for "Opposing Sliders" protocol.

    Prior to commencing with NTI therapy, practitioners are encouraged to click here to review chairside delivery protocol.

    Please do not hesitate with any questions or concerns you have along the way. 

    When you call and leave a voicemail at 877-4-NTI-TSS, your message is automatically transcribed and sent to Dr. Boyd as an email and received on his smartphone.  Be sure to clearly state your phone number, as it will be hyperlinked, allowing for an immediate call back if requested.

    Your email to Help.ChairsideSplint@gmail.com also goes directly to Dr. Boyd's smartphone, so if you have an immediate question (say, for example, you have a patient in the chair), be sure to include your phone number in the body of the email, as it will be hyperlinked, allowing for a quick return phone call. 


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