• INTRO OFFER: SnoreHook Splint, Discount Code: "GET HOOKED"-- Buy 3 sets, get 2 additional sets FREE.

  • $390.00

  • Description

    *One promotional discount per customer*

    At checkout, use the Discount Code, GET HOOKED to reduce the price to $255, making the average cost just $51 per set.

    5 sets of SnoreHook splint devices:

    5 Hooking Mechanisms,

    5 CrossPlates,

    5 Adjustment Key,

    7 sets of Maxillary and Mandibular pre-engineered adjustable trays; (just in case of re-do's)

    5 Security Bars;

    Ample supply of Thermal-Acrylic-Beads

    PS- Two additional sets of trays are included at no charge (not everybody gets it just right on their first try).

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