• Lower Wide NTI devices + Auxiliary Sliders

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  • Description

    11 Lower NTI WIDE devices + 5 Auxiliary Sliders

    Has a thicker (and therefore, stronger) DE. The Lower-Wide was originally designed for the patients whose extremely intense clenching could fracture the original Lower device (the thickness of the Lower device's DE has since been increased, now making the Lower-Wide device less frequently necessary). The width of the Lower-Wide allows for increased retention for those cases where added retention is desired (however, with the use of the ThermoPlastic material instead of cold-cure acrylic, extending to acquire more retention makes having a wide and "bulky" device no longer necessary). 


    Auxiliary Sliders allow the practitioner to eliminate the irregular and often movement-inhibiting incisal edge surfaces of the opposing incisors. Learn more about how to incorporate the Auxiliary Slider into NTI Therapeutic Protocol.

    11 plastic glow-in-the-dark boxes and an ample supply of ThermoPlasticBeads are also included.

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