• BruxSplint; 3 sets ("B-Splints"), 6 total pieces

  • $110.00

  • Description

    3 sets of BruxSplints:  3 flat plane BruxSplints, 3 upper BruxSplints w Discluding Element channel

    The maxillary BruxSplint tray has an anterior midline channel through which the practitioner can allow ThermoPlastic to flow through to form a Discluding Element.  The resulting "B-splint" (Bruxing Splint), thereby provides for both clenching suppression, grinding protection, and tooth position retention.  

    Either BruxSplint tray can be used independently (the upper midline channel can be ground off).

    An amply supply of ThermoPlasticBeads is provided.

    Video demonstration of adapting heated ThermoPlasticBead material (onto an upper BruxSplint tray...the midline Discluding Element channel should be ground off if device is intended as a flat plane bruxism splint)


    Video demonstration of adapting heated ThermoPlasticBead material onto an lower BruxSplint tray. 


    For severe asymptomatic bruxers (the patient who grinds through everything that is provided to them, yet have no symptoms), no Discluding Element is required.  Opposing flat BruxSplint planes need no "adjustment" and provide no means of being worn through.  (the example below shows removing the Discluding Element Channel of the upper tray and then opposing it with the lower flat tray).


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