• 5 additional Auxiliary Sliders + Informative Flyers

  • $139.00

  • Description

    Dr. Boyd recommends incorporating an Auxiliary Slider whenever possible:  Auxiliary Slider Protocol.

    Utilizing an Auxiliary Slider can enhance therapeutic efficacy and patient comfort and compliance.  Rather that buying a separate stand-alone kit of Auxiliary Sliders (which would include the ThermoPlasticBeads and glow-boxes), customers can add these 5 additional Auxiliary Sliders to any order at a reduced rate of the stand-alone Auxiliary Slider kit.

    When purchased separately, only 5 Auxiliary Sliders will be shipped, without the usual accompanying ThermoPlasticBeads or patient's glow-in-the-dark device boxes

    In addition, this product also comes with 50 Informative Flyers for the waiting room.

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