• Dr. Boyd's COMPREHENSIVE "Preferred Pack"

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  • Description

    5 Upper Reduced Vertical devices

    5 Lower Incisal Guidance devices

    10 Auxiliary Sliders

    Bundle of 20 waiting room Informative Flyers

    11 glow-in-the-dark patient's device boxes

    4 oz. thermoplastic beads

    With the utilization of an Auxiliary Slider, this kit provides the practitioner with all that's needed to treat any occlusal scenario.  Not only can Auxiliary Sliders be used to oppose an NTI device (making for smooth and resistance-free movements), two Auxiliary Sliders can be used to oppose each other, thereby eliminating the bulk of a DE on the labial side. 

    Recommended by Dr. Boyd, this kit come with a bundle of 20 waiting room Informative Flyers.

     Click here to learn more on the use of the Auxiliary Slider.

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