• Upper "Reduced Vertical" devices + Auxiliary Sliders

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    11 Upper "Reduced Vertical" NTI devices PLUS 5 Auxiliary Sliders

    The Discluding Element has been "pre-reduced" (making the DE not as large as that of the Standard device).

    The Upper "Reduced Vertical" NTI device is most commonly used when incisal overlap is more than ideal (excessive), making the Lower device contraindicated (the Lower device would cause for an excessive condylar rotation, ie, excessive VDO, during occluding on the device). The DE can be ramped "up" towards the palate to ensure minimal VDO during occluding (thereby minimizing condylar rotation). 

    Auxiliary Sliders allow the practitioner to eliminate the irregular and often movement-inhibiting incisal edge surfaces of the opposing incisors. Learn more about how to incorporate the Auxiliary Slider into NTI Therapeutic Protocol.

    Includes 11 patient's glow-in-the-dark device boxes and an ample supply of ThermoPlasticBeads

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